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I took a friend’s advise and created a website over the weekend. I feel so vain! But the bottom line is that as a marketing and pr professional, I understand the value of branding- thus branding myself is as important as any task to help me progress in my career.

Loving my site- check it out if you get a chance!

Patience is a virtue

Patience is a virtue…or so they say. I wouldn’t really know as I have very little patience! Today I took a Performance Indicator Test (PI). This is an interesting personality test- there are only two questions. One- select all of the attributes you would use to describe yourself. Two- Select all of the attributes others would use to describe you.

I was incredibly blown away at how accurate this test described me. Obviously based on the title of this blog post, I discovered that my patience score was very low. I want it now. I want it fast. I want it immediately. That’s why tonight when I got home and was a little hungry, I couldn’t wait 30 minutes for dinner…I stuffed my face with popcorn…and was not hungry for the delish dinner that was prepared. oops!

On the flip side, having a low patience score means that I am driven, results focused and action oriented. Yin and Yang! There can always be a positive…even for a negative. (oh and did I mention that the test showed I was incredibly optimistic!)

Pumpkin Everything

Have you ever noticed that pumpkin is added to virtually everything in the Fall? There is pumpkin cheesecake, pumpkin pound cake, pumpkin soup, pumpkin bread, pumpkin pie, pumpkin sorbet…and I just discovered chipotle pumpkin salsa. The moment I saw it, I knew I needed to try it. Not simply because it was “pumpkin salsa” but because it was made by Rick Bayless, a James Beard chef who specializing in Mexican cuisine. AND whose restaurant, Topolobampo, is on my Chicago bucket list.

I wasn’t really sure what this pumpkin orange salsa would taste like. The smokey chipoltle peppers gave the salsa a rich campfire aroma and the flavor was an interesting combo of tangy tomatillos and earthy pumpkin. This salsa definitely had some kick and was a little too rich to be just consumed as a dipping salsa. It really needed to accompany and slow roasted pork tenderloin or a lean flank steak. The pepper flavor lingered like fireworks in my mouth-a delish celebration of Fall.

hot dog

Do you ever have a crazy craving that you just can’t shake? All week, I have been craving a good hot dog, one of my favorite comfort foods. I love hot dogs. Yes I know they are so bad for you.

As a child we had hot dogs every Saturday from Norris’s Frozen Custard- 3 dogs/$1. The dogs were bright red and came in a steamed bun with chili and finely chopped onions. YUM. Alas, there isn’t a Norris’s here in Gville, so C. took me to a very special place, his personal favorite place for hot dogs. A place I have visited a million times, but never indulged in a snack while visiting (actually I always wondered what kind of weirdo would actually eat there).

Costco. Bet you wouldn’t have guessed that in a million years. For $3.24 we both had a hot dog and a diet coke. Seriously you can’t beat that. I wouldn’t say it was the best dog I ever ate, but it was very good. Bun was delish and fresh, dog wasn’t too salty and had a nice hint of garlic and pepper. Craving Satiated. Mission accomplished.

And after lunch…a little shopping. Now I see why all the weirdos are having lunch at the front of the store!

Cookies for Kids Cancer

As I get older, I realize that cancer touches so many people- young and old. This past December, my sweet neighbor, Davis was diagnosed with cancer. He has been such an inspiration. He always has a smile and no matter what he keeps his mom, my dear friend, in check! He’s such a great kid and a fighter!

Today, I attended a fund raiser for cancer research. Cookies for Kids Cancer is a grass roots effort inspired by a mom with a mission to change the fight against kids cancer. The fund raiser is a donation only bake sale. I couldn’t even believe all of the sweets spread out on tables across a parking lot of a local shopping center. There were kids, parents, grandparents, friends and neighbors rallying together to help fight this disease. I am inspired by those who gave their time and energy to put together the bake sale and inspired by the mom who wouldn’t take no for answer and fought to save her child.

A fall hike

The weather has changed…there is a crisp feel to the air and the leaves are beginning to rustle. It’s time to break out the hiking shoes. Perfect time of year to enjoy the North Carolina mountains. C and I packed a little picnic and headed up to the mountains for an afternoon of hiking. We stopped along the way at tucked away mountain bluff about a mile off of the main road. The sky was so clear that we could see all the way to Gville. Our picnic was sort of a joke. I am not eating carbs so I had a chicken breast and a nasty greek salad (which for some reason was topped with potato salad….weird) and C had a sandwich. And of course some boiled peanuts just because it seemed like the right thing to do.

We had a fairly challenging hike of about 7 miles. We hiked down a mountain to a beautiful series of waterfalls that were criss-crossed with a rope bridge- a place I have never been before.  Scout, the dog, didn’t like the bridge…but I thought it was fabulously romantic.

avec gas, si vous plait

Oui. Avec gas. I think it took weeks in France to figure out exactly what the waiter meant when they blurted out something about gas. But once I figured out what he meant…there was no turning back. Today, I only drink water with gas when dining out. For some reason those little bubbles just make everything taste better. Perhaps it is a memory association with my glory days in southern France.

Anyway- I don’t usually like fruit flavored water. But, of course in my quest to try something new, I found myself staring at a variety of Perrier waters. I chose the most outrageous flavor possible- pamplemousse rose also known as pink grapefruit. And actually the flavor was quite refreshing. A bit of a tangy kick and a mild citrus whim.