Ikat Inspired

From posh silk to printed cotton, ikat fabric is hot.

 I came across this photo in Elle Decor and felt inspired. I love the neautral background of the sofa and the punches of color the ikats offer. It’s like a canvas splattered with rich, lively color. One of things I love about this look is that it looks as though it has evolved over time from travels around the world….eclectic, sophisticated and stylized, yet comfortable enough to crawl up and take a nap.

I knew that in order to achieve this look, I needed to find the real thing-not ikats purchased at the fabric store. A trip to the east is out of the question, so I turned to my friend, Ebay! For weeks, I carefully searched, adding sellers and items to my favorites. The selection was exquisite. Alas, on New Years day, I pulled the trigger on a variety of pillows from Uzbekistan (I must admit, I was a little worried that my purchase was funding some terrorist group or something…so I did some research to figure out where Uzbekistan is located and what its all about. I’m clear! Just a really poor country close to the crazy part of the world). I know I could have had them made here, but the fabric would not have been authentic. Most of the fabric here is printed not really dyed. And plus…I bought 6 pillows for $72! Even with the down pillow forms, I spent less than $25 each.

The only problem….I had to be patient for delivery. I think they were shipped via a very slow boat! Arrival was scheduled for February. But today…they arrived!

How exotic is this little package!  Sealed with a real wax seal and held together with rope! Now if I had ordered these from Pottery Barn, the packaging would not have been nearly as interesting. I”m still waiting on a few, but just couldn’t wait to share with you my new ikat finds from Ebay.

And here they are!

Check out the intricate Suzani hand crafted detail!

And here is the room. I LOVE IT. So exotic, so delicous…so easy like Sunday morning!

What is in a name?

Wasn’t it Shakespeare who penned: “What’s in a name? that which we call a rose By any other name would smell as sweet”

Brilliant. There is something to a name. I say this because I have a very special name- Alice Grey. Not just Alice but “Alice Grey”. You must use both. I am a southern belle through and through.  

I have to say, I have always felt immensely special to have two names…one just wasn’t enough. And ya know it’s really funny- I am definitely not an “Alice”. I need that little added umph that the second name gives. Have you ever met a girl with two names that wasn’t spunky? I rest my case.

So do you think your name has an impact on your personality, your life, your own personal brand? Would you be you if you had a different name? Would I be me if mom and dad had called me “Sally”? It is an interesting thing to think about.

I can’t tell you how many times people comment on my name. Just the other morning in the airport, the security guy, checking my id, even asked- “Grey? What an unusual name. There must be a story behind that.” Now that guys sees 1000s of names a day…I must be REALLY special.

PS- I also think there is something interesting about birth dates as well…they also impact one’s personal “brand”….and I am not saying this just because I also have a SPECIAL birth date (Christmas Eve).

I’m Back!

Stress: Some people indulge on chocolate and high carb foods. Some people avoid food all together. Some manically exercise. As for me…I become paralyzed. Like a deer in headlights. Stress has a crazy effect on me. I become completely one tracked. I can’t move. Creativity Zapped.

That’s what happened this fall. The imaginitive spirit inside me was temporarily frozen. Between the final details on our house, a speaking engagement in Singapore, a major project at work and the other family demands that the holidays brings, the stress was overwhelming. I had to let something go.

Each day, it became harder and harder to find the creativity to keep up this blog and try something new. And one night, as I sat down to write, C. said,”please spend time with me. Surely I am more important than your blog.” Imagine the pain in my heart. Of course C. is most important. So at that moment I walked away from blogging and told myself I wouldn’t return until I felt the “muse”.

I’M BACK!!!!  Holidays OVER.      House FINISHED.    Work Project LAUNCHED.

I’ve missed you friends. Give me a few days…and I’ll soon have my creative groove back!

Birthin’ A Baby

I’m in contractions. No- not really. But I feel the like I am having contraction pains during the last push of a 2 year project. It feels like I am birthin’ a baby. For two years I have hammered at a SharePoint redevelopment project. There has been a lot of sweat and tears shed over this project. Its a project that I estimated would take six weeks…our technology group said three months and actually took about 18 months + a few planning months.  (Thanks to our friends at Microsoft putting out a new version of SharePoint along the way)

The new site launches Friday. And I must admit, it’s terrific. It looks and feels like a real website and it offers everything from HR info to document libraries right at your fingertips. I don’t expect it to be an overnight sensation. It’s a change process for the firm. But with a little more sweat equity and some creative tactics, I think that we can change the way the firm thinks about internal communications. 

Come on Baby!  I’m ready to bring you to life!