Purpose. What is purpose? Have you ever thought about your purpose? I mean REALLY thought about it? Does your purpose change during various phases of life? Or – Are you born with purpose? Is there a defining moment that solidifies your purpose? What if you never “discover” your purpose? Can you live without purpose?

At the top of my mind has been my own purpose. I recently read “A Dog’s Purpose” by W. Bruce Cameron (http://adogspurpose.com/). Of course this fictitious book really is about a dog’s purpose as this dog is reincarnated several times, each time with a different purpose. This little book  has made me think about my own purpose. I have always had goals and I often think about goals. I’d like to think that maybe subconsciously I know my purpose. But I know it’s not something I keep at the forefront of life…which seems really absurd. Shouldn’t I know my purpose and live each day to fulfill that purpose?  

The fall was trying on so many levels, crazy work, international travel, the construction of our house….career decisions, house decisions, life decisions. There was a lot to think about. But looking back, I really did not think about my purpose and how all of the actions I was taking were related to my purpose. I was simply swimming through the  motions, trying to get through it all as best I could. And somehow I held it all together. And now that I can take a deep breath and do some thinking…its time to get some real purpose.

So I continue to ponder….. purpose?  And I ask…what does purpose mean to you? Is your life true to what you define as your purpose?

4 thoughts on “purpose

  1. I believe simply that my only purpose is to keep growing and developing, personally evolving into expanded versions of myself. In so doing, I find the path of my purpose naturally unfolds as I open myself up to it.

    I spent years searching for a specific purpose, then found it one day while sitting at my desk in realization and awe of how much I’d “indeed” changed! I am still who I was at birth, but an expanded version of me.

    That’s when I let it go, the search . . . because it simply can’t be defined for any length of time that’s forever moving forward, taking us with it!

    • Nicola- Very interesting way of looking at purpose. Perhaps you are correct. It surely would take a lot of pressure off of me to think in this way! Thanks for your comment and insight!

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  3. In my opinion, purpose doesn’t revolve around ‘self’; that is, to discover oneself, or to seek happiness isn’t ‘purpose’. Purpose is what impacts the world and people around us. If we were to exist only for ourselves and to carry out a personal so called “purpose” of just being as happy as we can be in our own complete solitude, to the rest of the world it would have been as though you never existed. In saying that I believe that everyone has a purpose and an impact, and it is impossible for anyone’s purpose to simply be happiness of the self.
    Purpose involves touching the hearts and lives of the people around us. Whether it be to bring children into the world, or to invent or create, or to save lives, or help and nurture the sick and needy, even to be a blessing AS a child through your birth….I believe a lot of people will never truly know their purpose. I also believe that since purpose relates to how we affect those around us, it would be naive to reduce ‘purpose’ to a singular action that we achieve through our lifetime. ‘Purpose’ is an ongoing method of living.

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