A Place for My Peeps!

Spring is here and I couldn’t resist adding a few little peeps to my birdcage light fixtures. I love a good holiday and never miss the opportunity for a little decorating! And come on….it seems only fitting to add birds to my bird cages!

Aren’t these the MOST fabulous light fixtures. I fell in love the minute I saw them. I almost passed them up because they were so outrageous. But once they were  hung over our island,they MADE my kitchen. I couldn’t get a photo with the lights on- but the shadows make the most interesting design on the ceiling. LOVE LOVE LOVE. Sometimes a little risk reaps a big reward. And I do love to walk on the edge.

2 thoughts on “A Place for My Peeps!

  1. Cassie that is so wild that you have the exact same cage. Those cages are definitely hand crafted vintage cages over a century old. It’s true, the shadows these birdcages project in a room with light beaming through them is absolutely breathtaking. An addition of one of these cages to the home or office is essentially adding an art piece!

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