Nothing says “Birthday” like candles

Can you remember your favorite birthday memory?  I have the VERY unfortunate birthday of Christmas Eve. Seriously- it was only my birthday for breakfast then we were on to Christmas. And to top that off, I shared my birthday cake with Jesus. Happy Birthday AG and Jesus. Everyone thought it was cute….except me (I hate to share…even with Jesus)

But I must say, my mom always did her part to plan a special party…even if it was actually a week before the day. There was my 7th birthday that was held at an indoor pool…who says you can’t have a pool party in December?  By far the best was my 13th birthday in which I had a formal dinner party!  Very fun. Very chic. My neighbor wore his military blues and escorted each “couple” in as they arrived and my mom and her friend dressed in maid’s uniforms to serve us. Oh and Dad wore a tux and acted as a butler. Very sophisticated. 

Birthdays are special and should be celebrated. A celebration of the past, the present and the future. This weekend I had the special honor of hosting a dinner party in honor of my huband’s grandmother’s 90th birthday. 

From the moment I began to plan, I knew that we need to have fun candles. Nothing says birthday like candles!  I had a little project brewing in my mind and just had to act on it. Off to Goodwill! 

I bought 9 brass candlesticks ($4.50) (and had a couple that I had once painted black…time for a facelift).  I then painted them a variety of colors. Oh they look so fun and festive – just like the crayons in a crayola box! 

I always keep interesting jars (from pickles, olives, herbes-whatever). You should do this as well…they make great little vases and look so “collected” when paired together.  Luckily the azaleas in front of my house look like bright pink fireworks right now so I gathered up some blooms and dispersed them between the candles. What a fun expression of celebration and gratitude to life!

May we all live to be 90! Cheers!

One thought on “Nothing says “Birthday” like candles

  1. I remember that birthday party very well. We had as much fun hosting the dinner party as ya’ll did. Great memory!!

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