Commingle:to mix or mingle together; combine.

Do you have a favorite word? How about a word that fascinates you?

Commingle- what a fun word to say! I first discovered this word when I was twelve and have been obsessed with it since. During the summer, my mom would give me a new word each day. I had to look the word up in a dictionary, write the definition on an index card and use the word in a sentence. In return, I received snack money for the pool. On Friday, mom would give me a test on the words of the week and if I had a perfects score, I would get money for a movie and pizza with my friends!  Pretty good deal…wish it was that easy today.

Commingle is one of those words that stuck with me. Don’t know why…but this word resonated with me. I even won an art competition with a collage titled “Commingle”.

Life is a mix…how boring would it be if every day were the same or if all people were identical. What a perfect word to describe my blog- a mixture of new activities everyday. Commingle. Just say it. It’s fun.

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