woo race

Enjoying our last few days of summer, C., the pups and I headed to the lake for one last swim. We’ve been working on building Woo confidence in the water. So I took this video to share with you. I planned to embed it in the post…but I couldn’t figure out how (nonetheless….my new thing is uploading a personal video to YouTube…never done this before!). So here is a link to the video on YouTube. It’s just a matter of time before Woo finds his way on David Letterman!

A small change = big results

Sometimes a small change is all I need to equal big results. Work is crazy busy. NUTS. But in the most fun way. I have a lot of really exciting project- a new ad campaign, a new media plan++++++….I am trying to be mindful of my needs and make time to let my mind rest a few minutes each day to re-energize and refocus. I go to my desk top view on my computer so as to not be distracted by emails.  I decided I needed to change my desktop photo to reflect my need for tranquil time. The previous photo was a very bright, active photo of a sea grape plant in the bahamas….not peaceful. 

my happy place


When I need to quiet myself, I take myself to water- any water will do. Sometimes I walk along the shoreline and sometimes I float a big raft and sometimes I sit on the bow of a sailboat and feel the wind (all in my mind, of course). So I chose this photo to bring me to my happy place. Breathe in…breathe out. Mind is quiet. Rest. Five minutes is all it takes and back to work! Energized for whatever might come my way. 


Encore Jimmy!

Monday…dreadful…Monday. What can I do today to make it through another Monday? No matter how much I love my job (and I do), Mondays are never fun (mainly because C and I have so much fun on the weekend). To soothe the workday stress (when I am not in meetings or on conference calls), I listen to some tunes. Reggae for creativity, French for stress and Michael Buble to calm. Notice, I haven’t mentioned Jimmy or Kenney…they are good for everything. One song and I am transported to the islands…my paradise.

Jimmy recently released a new album. BUT for some reason he only released to Amazon and Wal-Mart. I had to wait a bit for it to finally arrive on iTunes. So today it was finally there and I purchased the new CD which has a compilation of live classics like “Come Monday” and one of my favorites “He Went to Paris”.  What a fun filled afternoon I had jammin out to Jimm…pretending to be in Vegas at a concert. Sometimes it just takes a little imagination to create an office adventure!  Not to mention what the relaxed feel does for my creativity. Stay tuned to learn what I cooked up this afternoon. It’s gonna be big.

And btw- Jimmy’s new CD “Encore” really is great. Worth the purchase. Can’t wait try it out on the boat.

Make an appointment…Get a skin check

I don’t know about you, but it is scary to think of all the years I spent in the sun with NO SUNSCREEN. I honestly can’t ever remember putting on sunscreen as a child. Don’t get me wrong, I sported the florescent zinc in the late 80’s (boy was I cute with a pink nose and blue cheeks)…but that just took care of my face. If we were to add up the hours I spent in the sun during the summer from about age 5-22, it would be ridiculous- sun up to sun down 7 days/week. And factor in the teenage years when I would slather on a layer of baby oil with iodine and”lay out” on top of tinfoil!  It’s a miracle I don’t look like a walking piece of beef jerky.

Those sun worshipping days have definitely caught up with me and have taken its tole on my skin. Last year I noticed a weird spot on my ankle and I have progressively watched it grow and distort. Every time I would fold over in yoga, the spot would grimace at me and remind me of how wrecklace I have been with my skin. I knew I needed to get it checked out…but procrastinated…I really didn’t want to hear a doctor tell me how irresponsible I have been.

I faced the music and made an appointment for my first skin check. I was prepared for the worst. I knew the spot was not a good thing. And I was right. The doctor removed the spot and sent it off to the lab for a biopsy. Either it is a keratosis (not a big deal) or a superficial basal cell carcinoma- skin cancer. Superficial BCC is a common cancer and is very treatable. 3 in 10 white people develop this type of cancer in their lifetime.  Luckily, the doc didn’t find anything else. He marked a few places to watch and I will go back every year from now on for a check. I’ll find out the prognosis in a week or so. The good news is whatever it was….it’s gone. The bad news is…I have a weird little gash on my ankle. Definitely won’t be wearing strappy ankle sandals any time soon.

Stop what you are doing. Find a dermatologist. Make an appointment for a skin check. Buy sunscreen (not spf 4…that doesn’t count). The sun goddess days are over. We’re bringing pasty white back!