Your Ideas for New Things to Do!

Here are a few of your ideas of new things for me to do!

  • Try Sushi Uni
  • Switch sides of the bed
  • Go to Lake Lanier, SC near Landrun and eat lunch at restaurant that overlooks the lake
  • Visit Bob Jones Art Gallery
  • Play it forward in the drive through line
  • Move ring to a different finger for the day
  • Try Vietnimese beer
  • Pho Noodleville- try the porkchops fried with two eggs sunnyside up with fish sauce
  • Browse through the gray antique store near our house (never been but drive by everyday)
  • Visit Nantucket
  • Take public transportation for a week
  • Get a tatoo- Maybe just a temporary version
  • Go green for a day- do everything green- maybe for a week
  • Be vegan for a day
  • Visit Hawaii
  • Ride bike to work
  • Borrow children and visit the Children’s Museum
  • Go to Little Theater event
  • Make a chocolate lava cake…invite W. over to sample!
  • Try making pottery

The winner of the contest is E.T. Think I’ll try public transport one day this week! This will be a post not to miss!

What do you say?

I recently heard  an interview on XM’s Broad Minded with Janine Driver, founder and president of the Body Language Institute and a former ATF trainer. I felt inspired by her message and today I began reading her book “You Say More Than You Think”.

I have just gotten through the first couple of chapters. So far…lots to learn. She provides step by step directions on how to learn what people are truly saying through their body language. The first step  in the journey is to figure out what I am saying the others through my actions.

What do your actions say?