A Dog-on Good Time

I woke Woo from a post party nap for the photo. All this action makes him exhausted.

Is there anything more powerful than the love of a dog?  It’s a love so deep that I am not sure we humans even understand. I first came to whitness this love in an odd place. While living in Southern France there was a homeless man who often found shelter on my doorstep.  He had a shepard looking dog and they greeted me in the morning as I headed out to school. Actually the pup greeted me…the man slept. It always intrigued me that this dog was so loyal. He was always right there. Not fenced in. Not tied. No leash. Just loyal. Hanging out with his master.

Back in February I read “A Dog’s Purpose” by Bruce Cameron. See original post: https://commingle.wordpress.com/2011/02/04/purpose/ I knew the moment I finished the book that this would be my book club selection. We have lots of animal lovers and we all live on the same street so often see each other while out strolling our pups.

Wheels turning. A theme. Here goes…In honor of “A Dog’s Purpose”, we had HOTDOGS for dinner…bone shaped sugar cookies for dessert and for party favors each guest received a cute little bag of treats (a doggie bag) to take home to their furry friends!  Oh…and Woo spent the day at the spa getting a new “doO” for the Par-T!

Thanks “Court” friends for a dog-on good time!


Purpose. What is purpose? Have you ever thought about your purpose? I mean REALLY thought about it? Does your purpose change during various phases of life? Or – Are you born with purpose? Is there a defining moment that solidifies your purpose? What if you never “discover” your purpose? Can you live without purpose?

At the top of my mind has been my own purpose. I recently read “A Dog’s Purpose” by W. Bruce Cameron (http://adogspurpose.com/). Of course this fictitious book really is about a dog’s purpose as this dog is reincarnated several times, each time with a different purpose. This little book  has made me think about my own purpose. I have always had goals and I often think about goals. I’d like to think that maybe subconsciously I know my purpose. But I know it’s not something I keep at the forefront of life…which seems really absurd. Shouldn’t I know my purpose and live each day to fulfill that purpose?  

The fall was trying on so many levels, crazy work, international travel, the construction of our house….career decisions, house decisions, life decisions. There was a lot to think about. But looking back, I really did not think about my purpose and how all of the actions I was taking were related to my purpose. I was simply swimming through the  motions, trying to get through it all as best I could. And somehow I held it all together. And now that I can take a deep breath and do some thinking…its time to get some real purpose.

So I continue to ponder….. purpose?  And I ask…what does purpose mean to you? Is your life true to what you define as your purpose?

A fall hike

The weather has changed…there is a crisp feel to the air and the leaves are beginning to rustle. It’s time to break out the hiking shoes. Perfect time of year to enjoy the North Carolina mountains. C and I packed a little picnic and headed up to the mountains for an afternoon of hiking. We stopped along the way at tucked away mountain bluff about a mile off of the main road. The sky was so clear that we could see all the way to Gville. Our picnic was sort of a joke. I am not eating carbs so I had a chicken breast and a nasty greek salad (which for some reason was topped with potato salad….weird) and C had a sandwich. And of course some boiled peanuts just because it seemed like the right thing to do.

We had a fairly challenging hike of about 7 miles. We hiked down a mountain to a beautiful series of waterfalls that were criss-crossed with a rope bridge- a place I have never been before.  Scout, the dog, didn’t like the bridge…but I thought it was fabulously romantic.

woo race

Enjoying our last few days of summer, C., the pups and I headed to the lake for one last swim. We’ve been working on building Woo confidence in the water. So I took this video to share with you. I planned to embed it in the post…but I couldn’t figure out how (nonetheless….my new thing is uploading a personal video to YouTube…never done this before!). So here is a link to the video on YouTube. It’s just a matter of time before Woo finds his way on David Letterman!

All American Dog

All American Dog...

Woo loves holidays. He has scarves and clothing for all occasions. In celebration of this independence day…Woo got a new t-shirt! Isn’t he cute?

The funny thing is back in my single days, Woo loved to wear clothes. He had quite a wardrobe and would prance around the house in his sweaters, jackets, raincoats, scarves, Halloween costumes, etc. But once he got a cool older brother (a 90 lb lab), he all of a sudden became embarrassed. Now he runs when he sees me pull out his clothes. Weird. I guess he’s all grown up.

But as his mother…I like to see him in a cute outfits. Happy Independence Day World from the best All American Dog in America!

paper plates and fine china

I have always wondered why someone would choose to eat off of a paper plate. Regardless of the cuisine, paper plates just zap away the flavor. Half of the fun of preparing dinner is “dressing” the plate. Even a simple sandwich plated with a little charisma tastes that much better…china takes the ordinary and makes it extraordinary (guess that is why I have 9 sets of china for every occasion imaginable). I didn’t grow up with paper plates- even on Saturdays when we had Norris’s Hot Dogs, mom always carefully unrolled them from their wax paper wrapping and lined them on a plate (with fried okra of course). Even as a single girl, I ate every meal on china with a linen napkin- I even transferred my lean cuisine meals to a real plate. Even little Woo has a china bowl (given with love by his Aunt RCR….resembling an asian take out container to remind him of his asian heritage).

Why choose paper when you can use china? I get it for picnics and large casual gaatherings…but with an ounce of extra effort, you can easily use china. Not to mention the wastes such paper products cause.

C. and I have never eaten a meal as a married couple in our house on paper plates….until today. All the china is packed. Paper plates it is for a week. It was a bit weird to have my salmon and grilled veggies on a paper plate. But I can’t lie… I did the dishes tonight in record time.

Date Night for One

For those of you who know me, you know I am not a movie person. I don’t really watch movies and can honestly say that I do not enjoy going to the movies (most of the time I fall asleep). I think I have been to the movies twice in the past 6 years (ocean’s 11 and Marlie and Me). It’s just not fun for me. First of all, I think that theaters are disgusting…I think of all of the gross people who have sat in those cloth seats before me (doing lord knows what) and second…I can’t be totally still- must be doing something when watching a movie. Third, it’s usually miserably cold. Fourth-you can’t fast forward the stupid previews. Fifth, people chew popcorn really loud. Sixth- there is always a laughing hyena sitting close by. Ok that’s enough negativity…this blog is about positive new experiences.

So today I decided stretch my horizon and give the theater another shot. To make the experience something new, I went alone.  I took a power nap this afternoon before heading out to ensure that I wouldn’t fall asleep in the theater. I even went prepared with a good sweater so I wouldn’t freeze. Movie selection: Date Night with Tina Fey and Steve Carrell. I saw them on the today’s show and the movie looked hilarious. Too bad they showed all of the funny clips on the Today’s show.  Actually the highlight of the two hour experience was seeing the preview for Sex and the City Two.

Ok- seriously people- do you really spend money to go to the theater on a regular basis? How can an average american even afford to go to the movies? A matinée, popcorn and diet coke costs $14. REALLY? Seriously? And I went to the matinée. The movie was average…would have been much better if I could have half paid attention to it while perusing a magazine on my sofa with my pup Woo.

Popcorn was excellent. I do love good popcorn…but explain to me why I paid $8 for the same popcorn and coke that cost $1.50 at Target (as opposed to $8). And for me, two hours in target is much more fun than two hours in a gross theater.

As for the experience of going alone…not too different from going with someone. It’s not like you talk during the movie. I guess you could make out…but I’m too old for that. So…all in all…my opinion of the theater remains. See you again in another 6 years!

Your Ideas for New Things to Do!

Here are a few of your ideas of new things for me to do!

  • Try Sushi Uni
  • Switch sides of the bed
  • Go to Lake Lanier, SC near Landrun and eat lunch at restaurant that overlooks the lake
  • Visit Bob Jones Art Gallery
  • Play it forward in the drive through line
  • Move ring to a different finger for the day
  • Try Vietnimese beer
  • Pho Noodleville- try the porkchops fried with two eggs sunnyside up with fish sauce
  • Browse through the gray antique store near our house (never been but drive by everyday)
  • Visit Nantucket
  • Take public transportation for a week
  • Get a tatoo- Maybe just a temporary version
  • Go green for a day- do everything green- maybe for a week
  • Be vegan for a day
  • Visit Hawaii
  • Ride bike to work
  • Borrow children and visit the Children’s Museum
  • Go to Little Theater event
  • Make a chocolate lava cake…invite W. over to sample!
  • Try making pottery

The winner of the contest is E.T. Think I’ll try public transport one day this week! This will be a post not to miss!

A Walk in the Park

Happy Easter! We headed out with the dogs for a walk downtown this morning. We usually just walk around the neighborhood. Time for adventure. Woo was particularly excited to show off his mo-hawk. We began at the baseball stadium and strolled down to the park. We only had to take a couple of rest breaks for little Woo.

C. was not so happy about the photo action…but the blog is boring without photos…so he agreed. 

When Woo had enough walking, we stopped for a few cold drinks. 

It's Miller Time!

Bad to the Bone

Winter is over and it was time to get Woo a new hairdo. The long fur coat was too hot. In my quest to try new things, I decided it was time to give Woo a new hairdo. (I think that we’ll find over the course of the year that Woo will be a good target for my activities.)

Though I felt a little silly making the request at the salon (AKA- the vet’s office) they assured me that it is not such an odd request. And what was that request you ask…. Woo got a mohawk! That’s right my precious pup now proudly adorns a mohawk. And I must admit…it is bad to the bone!