A Detour from the Chocolate Factory

I took a little detour from the Chocolate Factory…a slight deviation. I did enjoy a strawberry flavored piece of dark chocolate after dinner. It was a perfect rectangle with deep red, pink and white sprinkles on top. I think it’s quite intriguing how nicely strawberries complement dark chocolate. The sweet but tart flavor of strawberry is a nice finish to chocolate. And this piece had a nice combo-the strawberry flavor was not overwhelming but rather a sensual complement.

OK- now for the detour. I had the opportunity to travel to a new part of town to a friend’s house for a jewelry show. I drove straight from work-only five miles- but it seemed like a world away. It almost felt like a drive through the country but the landscape was speckled with new developments with huge mc mansions. I’ve always heard about this part of town, but never visited. It’s quite nice. Huge old trees. Rolling pastures. I guess at some point it really was the country and at some point, it will be nothing but developments.

Now for the jewelry. I received the invitation and immediately took a look at the website. The website did not even begin to showcase how cute the pieces are. Interesting chunky necklaces, great long necklaces with large stones pendants (loved one with an amethyst) and lariats with many different types of stones. Definitely check out the website if you need something cute to perk up a last season sundress. It Fitz – www.itfitzjewelry.com

No future career as a hand model

I recently saw in the NY Times Sunday style section that Chanel had a new polish they reported was a  “Mushroom” color – all the rage- a purplish brown. Chanel is officially calling it a “taupe” color titled “Particulière”. Not sure I have ever actually seen a mushroom this color. Maybe in France. Tried to purchase but not any to be found in Gville- Go figure.

I don’t really think about having my nails done except on Sundays when I have nothing else to do…and of course Nail Palace, Nail City, LA Nails, etc are closed on Sundays. Seriously people…working girls need to have their nails done too. Usually I end up making a lame attempt at filing and putting on a little clear top coat.

Not a lot going on this week so I decided to try a little color on my nails- and of course I needed the NOWcolor…or at least a knock off version. To Target I go….$100 later, I found the perfect $4 bottle of polish. Rimmel- Steel Grey (good name).

Monday- Wore Painted nails to work. I am not going to say that I have never painted my nails, because there was this brief period of time in college when I drove all the way down the mountain to Winchester once a week to have my nails done. WHY? Did I really think boys noticed my nails? I looked ridiculous with acrylic tips. (Yes C. I did grow up in Dunn and I know you can take a girl outta Dunn…but ya can’t take the Dunn outta the girl). Back to my point- I haven’t painted my nails since those glory days. Really who has time for all that?

Happy to say, my very hip, fashion forward intern noticed my hip painted nails right away and gave me big props for the fab new color. I made C. take a few pics, but really my hand looks creepy in photos. Note to self: don’t apply for a career as a “hand” model.

Search for Treasures

Looks like we are about 30 days away from beginning construction. Time to get serious about locating those wow pieces that will help make our new construction not seem so  new! It was a beautiful day, so I headed up to Landrum to the Architectural Warehouse. After a 30 minute ride through the country, listening to some fab 80’s tunes, I arrived.

Though I didn’t really see anything too exciting, it was a nice drive and a good way to kill a few hours on Saturday. Apparently they have a larger warehouse with all of the “good stuff”- maybe next time. Here are a few pictures:

You’re never fully dressed without…

You’re never fully dressed without…PEARLS! That’s right today’s something new is all about Pearls. Inspired by Spring’s style of layers of pearls combined together to make a rich chunky necklaces, today, I wore all of my pearls at the same time- something I have never done before. Four strands of various sizes, shapes and color (including the fab pink freshwater pearls I recently bought at Labels and the beautiful long pearls that my grandmother once wore to church every sunday) worn together for major impact. If one strand makes me feel polished and sophisticated, imagine what four can do! Feeling like Carrie Bradshaw, I was ready to tackle whatever came my way!

For a southern girl, pearls are as much a part of fashion as diamonds.  I remember the excitement I felt as I unwrapped my first strand of real pearls. I went to boarding school and all the girls wore them with their school sweatshirts. A Saint Mary’s girl never went out without her pearls.  We were known around town for wearing our pearls at all times. Our mothers and grandmothers did, so we carried on the tradition in a contemporary way- wearing them everyday with sweatshirts and workout wear! 

Today, I still consider my pearls the finishing touch to any outfit. Though I forego wearing them with sweatshirts, I must say, it’s a rare day that I don’t have on pearls at work. Trends may come and go, but a simple strand of pearls, much like a friendly smile, will never go out of style.

Your Ideas for New Things to Do!

Here are a few of your ideas of new things for me to do!

  • Try Sushi Uni
  • Switch sides of the bed
  • Go to Lake Lanier, SC near Landrun and eat lunch at restaurant that overlooks the lake
  • Visit Bob Jones Art Gallery
  • Play it forward in the drive through line
  • Move ring to a different finger for the day
  • Try Vietnimese beer
  • Pho Noodleville- try the porkchops fried with two eggs sunnyside up with fish sauce
  • Browse through the gray antique store near our house (never been but drive by everyday)
  • Visit Nantucket
  • Take public transportation for a week
  • Get a tatoo- Maybe just a temporary version
  • Go green for a day- do everything green- maybe for a week
  • Be vegan for a day
  • Visit Hawaii
  • Ride bike to work
  • Borrow children and visit the Children’s Museum
  • Go to Little Theater event
  • Make a chocolate lava cake…invite W. over to sample!
  • Try making pottery

The winner of the contest is E.T. Think I’ll try public transport one day this week! This will be a post not to miss!

Joie de Vivre

If I could invent the perfect day…I think today would be close to it. Sunshine, shopping, friends and great food. Oh and a little wine!

I think most of Gville was out and about. I am not sure if I have ever see so many women pushing strollers down the sidewalks…have they been cooped up inside all winter? Sounds dreadful. Note to self…get sunshine no matter what the circumstance. Following lunch, a little shopping…First to Monkeys…purchased two new fantastic pairs of earings, then to several other stops including Labels- a new favorite.  It’s the closest thing to green that I partake in. For some reason I tell myself that I am helping the environment and world by purchasing consignment…actually I think the only thing I am really helping is my bank account…which makes C very happy. SOOOOO many cute spring sun dresses. It was hard to limit myself to just one dress.  Alas, my closet overfloweth. Great purchase of a bright spring dress (see photo) and a pair of never worn Charles Davids (and maybe a couple of other sursies). Thank you Easter Bunny.

After a short rest, I was geared up for a night out. We headed to  Main Street Jazz. I was quite excited about listening to some good music, hanging outside and enjoying a few drinks. Having never been to  Main Street Jazz, I naturally thought that there would be some great jazz. Logical, right? Imagine my surprise to be greeted by southern rock- and not so good southern rock. Why would they call an event Jazz and have a really bad rock band? No wonder I never hear about anyone going downtown to this event (happens every Friday). There were lots of people there, so what do I know, there must be a market for really bad rock bands. I can now say I’ve tried it. A wiser woman, I will most certainly check the schedule to see who is playing before heading in that direction.

With the sun beginning to set and the temperature still in the 80’s, we headed to The Lazy Goat for dinner. The Lazy Goat is by far, in my humble opinion, the best place in Greenville to dine outside. Had a great cab and Moroccan Lamb (braised shank , warm pita, cucumber yogurt and plantain chips). And for dessert, you guessed it- fromage. Tried a couple of new kinds: Murcina Al Vino, a spanish goat cheese with an overly salty taste and Taleggio- an Italian semisoft cow cheese (which I think I may have had before). Quite a tasty way to round out my perfect day.

This must be what life is like to be a lady of leisure, you know the one who spends her days shopping, lunching with friends and dinner out. Joie de vivre!

The 120 minute clinic

I am quite stubborn. There I said it. I don’t like to be sick and I surely don’t like to go to the doctor. As a matter of fact, I don’t even have a primary care physician. As I mentioned in a previous post, I have been fighting a terrible cold, but with the events of last week, I didn’t have time to be sick. So I just pushed forward. That is, until my body said NO MORE and I found myself at the CVS minute clinic.

I heard from friends that this clinic was a great alternative to the doctor’s office. They said I probably wouldn’t have to wait at all. Ok fine…I give…I’ll go get medicine. Plus I love a good drug store. You never know what kind of treasures you can find…especially when there is a holiday. So I figured if I did have to wait, I could get some fun things for Easter.

MINUTE CLINIC. The name connotes that you wait a few minutes. 90 minutes later and the purchase of a bunch of stuff I don’t need, I finally got to see the nurse. All together, the minute clinic took 120 minutes. I’d say that they have a problem with false advertising.

 I guess 120 minute clinic wouldn’t have quite the same power. But be warned…perception is not always reality.