What’s in your mix?

Inspired by my drive through the country on Saturday, I decided I needed some fun new tunes- a new summer mix. remember the old days when you had to use a double deck tape recorder to make a mix tape?  And you had to time it just right or you would end up with the beginning of the next song.  And remember what a pain it was to switch out all of those tapes. WOW!  And…you had to actually listen to the songs as you were making the tape. An hour mix could take several hours to make. How archaic.

Do you remember the first time someone gave you a mix tape?  I was 16 and my boyfriend, Ward, made a mix for me with his favorite songs and a couple that “reminded him of me”. I kept that tape for years- probably until I wore it out. He told me that music was the window to the soul and sharing his music with me was like sharing a piece of his heart with me. What a line…Guys take note (It did work).

Luckily, thanks to iTunes, making a mix “tape” is as easy as click click click-done.  I keep all kinds of mixes in iTunes so I have a little music to match my mood- whatever that might be. From french ballads for those soulful rainy days to reggae, for my energetic creative days, I have a little bit of everything (kind of like an afternoon at Woody’s minus the $1 coors).

So- Here’s the line up for my Spring, Sun Roof Back Driving Jam (Though Hank the Honda isn’t nearly as sporty as Al the Audi or Ben the Benz, the stereo is by far the best! Germany may have the engineering…but Japan has the stereo)

Chicken Fried- Zack Brown
Single Ladies – Beyonce
Sun is Shining- Bob Marley
Went out Last Night- Kenny Chesney
Kiss A Girl- Keith Urban
Bad Romance- Lady GaGa
Finz- Jimmy B.
Say Goodbye- Dave Matthews
London Bridge-Fergie
Say Hey I love you-Michael Franti
UMMMMM Bop- Hanson

How do you think Jimmy would feel about being in a line up with Fergie and Hanson?  What’s in your Mix?