My Selfish Self

By: Linda Yuki Nakanishi

 Sometimes I catch myself being completely self-centered. Sometimes And when I catch myself in this mode….I am incredibly humbled by just how human I am….and horrified at how easily I can slip into this mode.  

On Friday, I had big plans to scoot out of the office a bit early, begin work on my weekend home projects and clean the house so I could enjoy a day on the lake with C and the pups on Saturday. Not to mention…it was 80 degrees outside.

But on Thursday at 4pm….I was given a new project….my company needed me to orchestrate a Red Cross fund for the Japan disaster and develop a communications plan for our 30 offices. All to be completed in 24 hours.

Long story short…I had my end of the project completed around 3:00 on Friday….but I had to wait on others to launch. I was tired. I was annoyed. My brain had reached its limit for the week. Thank goodness I was the only person left in office so no one could witness my selfishness. It wasn’t until I began driving home after 5pm that I began to think about what had shaken out.  

I started to think about the people in Japan. The lives lost. Complete towns obliterated. People trapped for days. People searching for their missing loved ones. Individuals who fear going outside because of radiation. No gas. intermittent electricity. Contaminated food sources.

How could I be so selfish?

Here is a blog that showcases some artwork to benefit Japan:

To purchase a print of the image above: