hot dog

Do you ever have a crazy craving that you just can’t shake? All week, I have been craving a good hot dog, one of my favorite comfort foods. I love hot dogs. Yes I know they are so bad for you.

As a child we had hot dogs every Saturday from Norris’s Frozen Custard- 3 dogs/$1. The dogs were bright red and came in a steamed bun with chili and finely chopped onions. YUM. Alas, there isn’t a Norris’s here in Gville, so C. took me to a very special place, his personal favorite place for hot dogs. A place I have visited a million times, but never indulged in a snack while visiting (actually I always wondered what kind of weirdo would actually eat there).

Costco. Bet you wouldn’t have guessed that in a million years. For $3.24 we both had a hot dog and a diet coke. Seriously you can’t beat that. I wouldn’t say it was the best dog I ever ate, but it was very good. Bun was delish and fresh, dog wasn’t too salty and had a nice hint of garlic and pepper. Craving Satiated. Mission accomplished.

And after lunch…a little shopping. Now I see why all the weirdos are having lunch at the front of the store!