Color Me Happy!

On a cold sunday morning about a month ago, I came across a large, 42 x 42, ottoman on Craig’s list…And so the adventure began. Though I had been looking for a large upholstered ottoman for sever al weeks, none, that I found, had the look I wanted within the budget required. At last, something I could work with.

C. wanted to have nothing to do with this little adventure. Afterall, the ottoman was 20 miles away and he was off to play golf. So, I called on T., who is always ready for an adventure. We loaded up and headed out with the GPS leading the way. We arrived at an apartment complex…a not so nice apartment complex….

So far my interactions with the seller had been all texts. The ottoman was a zebra print so in my mind it surely belonged to a girl. Imagine my surprise to find it belonged to a big, burly man with lots of piercings…everywhere…all over his face. Yikes. Really I just wanted to get the heck out of dodge. The ottoman was broken, falling down, and the guy scared me. I figured it was worth $40 to get it and go. Even if it went on the trash pile the next day. We weren’t in the best area of town.

What an idiot I am. That ottoman could have had fleas or worse, bed bugs. Luckily it didn’t. I called the upholstery guy, who is my new best friend, to come get it ASAP. I wanted it OUT of the house. YUCK.

First thing Monday morning, I called Joey, the upholstery dude (who has transformed my house) and requested that he come right away. I mean if it had bed bugs…it needed to get out of my new house.  Joey quickly told me with a little work, the ottoman could be salvaged. Now the pressure to find the perfect  fabri with just the right pop of color.

I found this fantastic Ikat in the remanent section of the fabric store…$6. I had the chocolate-brown piping fabric from another project and the linen on the sides was given to me by my MIL (leftovers from her living room sofa).

$40 ottoman
$6 fabric
$40 ottoman rebuild
$150 upholstery

TOTAL- $236  

I’m in love! We had friends over for dinner last night and it was so fun to lounge and talk around the ottoman. The perfect pop of color for our cozy family room. And when I am tired of it…I can easily change it – Guilt free!

A fireplace with personality

Today I found out I needed to select the brick for the inside and outside fireplaces…oh and by the way…I had less than 24 hours to do so. And did I mention that whatever I select, I will have to live with for a lifetime…I doubt/hope we’ll never move again and renovations with C….never happening. 

 Little did I know that the bricks speced were regular old bricks and the plan was to paint them. That would have been ok with me…except that over the weekend I found this fabulous hand cut bricks from an old down town building. I really wanted to use these bricks. So I called the salvage shop to see if they had 900. I was told they did…but they had several different types in addition to the beautiful irregular ones I saw over the weekend.

I headed out of the office a wee bit early and jetted over to the salvage yard. Easy enough. Not so much. There were millions of bricks out there…all in massive piles in the middle of a field. The sun was bright and the colors on all of them looked terrible. This was not what I anticipated. The clock was ticking. I had to make a decision. ARGHHH. The ones I originally was thinking of using didn’t seem so great. I had this romantic vision of old beautiful brick to make a real statement in my house.

tick tock. tick tock. Pressure was on. I was about to fold and call it a day…resigning to new painted bricks. The vintage bricks were too expensive for the risk. But then to my delight, the owner of the salvage yard came over to help me. He showed me several options…out of the field in better light. Perfect. I chose the handcut bricks for the interior. They are delightfully irregular and full of personality. The exterior bricks are an eclectic mix. I met the salvage guy at the house at 9:00 am. Success. Bricks delivered. Brick masons ready.