Welcome to Singapore

Welcome to Singapore. Southeast Asia. First impressions after over 30 hours of travel:

 I finally made it. The airport was very clean and prganized with great signage for directions- thank goodness since I was so tired I was seeing double!

The taxi line at 11:45 pm was long…yet it moved fast and the man at the front directing everyone through wore an interesting uniform and sophisticated white gloves. I love a white glove treatment- perfect. Every cab looked new.

As we drove off, we proceeded down a multiple lane tree lines highway. Highrise buildings everywhere. As we continued, the trees continued. No graphitti. Nothing out of place. It all looked perfect. We progressed through the city. Barely any traffic (though it was quite late….you’d think a city with nearly 5 million people would be busy all of the time). No horns. No lively people on the street. No homeless. Nothing out of place. My first impression is quite a good reflection of the city as a whole. Singapore is like a type A city with every t crossed and i dotted. I can’t wait to explore more.