Summer is here

As if the thermometer on your car didn’t give you a big enough clue…summer is here. In honor of the heat…I mean the first day of summer, C. and I had the best summer dinner imaginable. If I could eat summer style all year I’d be so happy…and skinny.  The juicy sweet peaches, the tangy tomatoes and the slimy but oh so delish okra. Man….can’t get better than that. Tonight, after a long day in the office,  we had a simple summer supper – grilled mahi, a tomato, corn, basil relish and fresh avocado. Dessert- the sweetest watermelon imaginable.

I can remember how drastically our childhood summer supper menu changed from the menu the other nine months of the year. We would often just have veggies for dinner…always fresh…always from either a local farm or from Dad’s garden. Growing up in a small southern town, fresh veggies were always available and were meant to be shared with neighbors. 

This is probably foreign to you city slickers….My grandmother used to “put up” vegetables in the summer. Bags and bags of zip locks filled with corn and peas and butter beans…Can you even imagine shucking all that corn and then cutting off the husk? Or shelling peas…how dreadful. Guess that is why sitting on the front porch rocking and shelling was so popular. A different time we live in today…but the same summer flavor creates special memories. 

What’s your favorite summer food?


A Southern Delicatessen

Krispy Kreme. Need I say more? Young and old alike who have grown up in the South know about Krispy Kreme’s hot and ready doughnuts. There is nothing quite like a hot, melt in your mouth krispy kreme doughnut. Founded in 1937 in Winston-Salem, NC, Krispy Kreme doughnuts were inspired by a New Orleans beignet. Mr. Rudoloph, the founder, purchased the recipe from a New Orleans chef…talk about a good investment!

I pass by a Krispy Kreme every morning on my way in to work- the big neon HOT sign aglow most mornings. Some days, I roll down my window when I get to the stoplight in front of the store to catch a whiff of the delicious fried cakes! I swear I can gain a pound just by smelling the delicious doughnuts! In celebration of our July 4th holiday, I pulled into the drive through and purchased two dozen doughnuts to share with my office. I knew those of us who were unfortunate enough to be working on this beautiful day, deserved a real treat! There is always a line…so I had to wait and the anticipation was killing me. Finally…my turn. For $14 I purchased two dozen doughnuts (much cheaper than a NY bagel…and I wonder calorie for calorie which one is better for you?). And yes indeed, they were HOT and ready just for me. OMG- my car smelled delicious. The devil on my shoulder was SCREAMING…”I WANT ONE NOW!”

But I resisted. These doughnuts were for my work friends -NOT ME. I can’t believe that my middle school cafeteria sold these little darlings. Can you get any MORE un-nutritious? $0.50 for TWO and I can remember eating FOUR. YUCK. How terrible. I think we washed them down with a sugar laden icee.

If you aren’t from the south and don’t know about our little delicatessen…though they are now sold all over the world and the brand is listed on the NYSE…post a message to me and I will be happy to send a few your way. Everyone should know what a little piece of heaven might taste like.