Spring is here

Spring is all about new beginnings and here are three things to kick of my Spring…..

1. Hydrangeas

Costco had the most beautiful potted hydrangeas. Yes…I’ll have 25 lbs of dog food, 8 bottles of red wine and some hydrangeas. Just the bare essentials please.


The hydrangeas add a nice pop of Spring color to our living room.

2. A new blue lamp

Lamp-$8 @ Goodwill...Lampshade $15 target. Pure bliss!!!!


Not sure what this lamp's history is. Check out the switch. How old fashioned! I think someone got crafty and painted an old lamp! What character.


Looking for just the right piece of art for this wall. The piece shown is just a place holder until I find something really fabulous. The skeleton keys on the chest are from the house I grew up in! Just a little piece of my past!

3. A new straw clutch

Now, I need somewhere to go!